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John McDonaldOwner: Capitaland Auto Body

I have  been doing custom car paint work, and repairing auto wrecks since 1999. My company, Capitaland Auto Body is proud to be a shop that advertises as a “Right to Repair” shop, and will work with any customer large or small to help them save on their deductible, get their car back on the road, and make sure you aren’t left with empty pockets after a car wreck.

“But What Does Right To Repair Mean?”

Pursuant to Section 2610 of the insurance law, an insurance company cannot require that repairs be made to a motor vehicle in a particular place or repair shop. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired in the shop of your choice.

When you get in an accident, the first thing you feel is fear. You’re afraid that you’re hurt. You’re afraid that you hurt someone else. Once you realize that everyone is OK,and it was just a fender bender, your next feeling is concern. Is my car OK? How much will this cost? Who do I call?

After this you’ll probably call the police, or the other party will. The police will then make a sketch of the scene as they see it, and send out the information to the Insurance Companies. Police at this point will often call a tow company on your behalf: a tow company that will send you a bill directly. Not the insurance company.

You Do Not Have To Pay For a Tow Company You Do Not Want, or a Repair Company You Do Not Want.

When your car is injured and is going to be towed, you can ask for a different tow company! INSIST ON IT! In fact, you can  print out our “Free Insurance Tow” Coupon and hand it to our tow truck driver when he arrives at the scene he will be sure to bill the insurance company--not you-- for the tow, and you will get your car to a professional paint shop who is willing to fix your car on time and on budget, and not leave you guessing where your car is, if it will be fixed, and who will be working on it. You'll have a professional with more than 20 years experience doing insurance repairs working on your car.

We take the time to explain to our customers how the insurance repair process works, and make sure that they make the best decision for their needs, and their budget. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and referrals is what drives our business.

The Bottom Line Is This: Choose your repair shop the way you would choose anything else!

-Ask informed questions
-Make a decision based on fact and knowledge. 

We're here to help you do that.