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Car Care Tips

How To Avoid Wheel Damage


    Check your tire pressure regularly – once a week is ideal. Bad tire pressures can affect fuel economy, handling and comfort. It’s easy to do and there is no excuse not to. Most Importantly a soft tires put your prized aluminum or alloy wheels at RISK.


    For that accidental curb-rash, or that nasty New York pot hole, we have the tooling and the ability to fix your wheels.

    Don’t spend hundreds on a new wheel when Capitaland Auto can fix your wheel for a fraction of the price. Whether its cracked, scratched, dented, or just outright ugly, bring your damaged wheel in and we’ll make it good as new.

Paint And Body Care

  • Wash And Wax

    Washing and waxing your car is one of the most important maintenance procedures anyone can do to a vehicle. A car’s paint is one of its most expensive features–and is also one that is most susceptible to damage.

    Wash your car with a good car washing soap. Dish soap on a car will strip all wax and sealants from the paint, and leave the clear coat exposed to the elements which is the reason why many cars will lose their shine. Wash with a good car wash soap at least once a month.

    Twice a year you should wax your car well, and sometimes more if the car is driven often, and in hard climates. Wax protects the paint from the sun, salt, grime, and minor scratches and bumps. Having a nice coat of wax on your car is imperative for a high quality paint sheen.

  • Buffing And Paint Restoration

    Sometimes your paint can get dull and lose its shine. Don’t lose faith! just because a paint job doesn’t look as good as the day that you drove it of the showroom floor doesn’t mean that you need to have the car repainted. Capitaland Auto doesn’t just repaint cars–we help bring original paint jobs back to their original glory as well! Contact us today and get a showroom quality paint job BACK without spending new paint job prices.

Headlight Restoration

  • Are Your Headlights Hazy, Foggy, Or Dull?

    Your paint can look great–but you might still have a terrible set of yellow headlights. Nothing will ruin the look of your ride more than a terrible set of headlights and Capitaland is here to help.

    If you’re looking to have your headlights restored to good as new, or you’re just tired of squinting as your drive down the road at night, Capitaland can help for a fraction of the cost of a new set of headlights from the dealership.