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Dear John:

I want to thank you for all your help, not only by the beautiful job you did putting my daughter Dana’s car back together again but for all your support and kindness. You should be commended for all your hard work and dedication you put in this job. You took the time to talk me through “the process” dealing with the insurance company and made sure they didn’t eat me alive. When they had me going in circles with their hidden rules and regulations you kept me on the straight and narrow. I thank you for that.

I believe I called you just about every day for two or three weeks while fixing the car and not once did you rush me through my conversation or make me feel like a complete idiot. It’s real sad how ignorant you become when it comes’to dealing with the insurance company and all their fine lines and secret protocols that are never explained to you when you sign your life away and your money until it is too late.

You saved me from those vultures and you gave me a backbone. You took control when I lost control and I thank you for that. I feel I was given an angel that day you came into my life. I thank God for that. Though I never met you, I feel I’ve known you forever. That’s how comfortable you made me feel. I will recommend you to everyone and 1 know I will be giving you jobs in the future, Dana is still young and careless and I have two other children that have yet to experience the world of driving.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Capitaland Auto body you don’t know how lucky you are to have John working for you. He is truly irreplaceable. God Bless you
and your family.